• 6-Panir sabzi


    Persian greens, walnuts, tomato,
    cucumber with cheese

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  • Hummus


    Mashed chickpeas, smoothie blender
    with tahini, olive oil, garlic and fresh

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  • Mast Mosir


    Fresh yoghurt, cream fresh,
    Persian shallots, seasoning

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  • Masto Khiyar


    Fresh yoghurt, cucumber, garlic
    and olive oil

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  • Mixed Olives

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  • Mixed Platter for 2


    Combination of Hummus, Olviyeh &
    Mirza Ghasemi

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  • Salad Olviyeh


    Broiled chicken, new potatoes,
    gherkin, garden pees and mayonnaise

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  • Salad Shirazi


    chopped cucumber, tomato, onion
    with mint , extra virgin olive oil
    and grape vinegar dressing

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